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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

A Pirate's Parrot

Again, the weekend writing challenge threw up a series of play on words objects, locations, people and utter randomness and along the way "Pirate" was suggested. Since there were a lot of rather heavy and dark pieces posted, or in fact because I was nagged to write something more upbeat, this was my contribution this week!
Can you really be a Pirate with no parrot?
Would Bugs Bunny be the same without his carrot?
There’s expectancy you see,
If you’ve just one accessory,
Even if your treasured gold’s 24 karat.

Pirates can survive without a wooden leg.
Or even no rum or grog stored in a keg.
But you’re guaranteed to fail,
When you eventually set sail,
With no parakeet hatched from a speckled egg.

To try and lead a motley crew would be absurd,
If you lacked a rainbow coloured talking bird,
Could you command authority?
When lost in a stormy sea?
With no feathered friend repeating every word!

When dressed in full regalia they’ll bow in awe,
They’ll follow you anywhere, breaking every law,
But an essential part of dress,
And the captain should impress,
Just add the latest, shiny, new, bright red Macaw.

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